Mayor’s column: democracy and celebration

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Mansfield Mayor Tony Egginton on the importance of disagreement for democracy and celebrating local success...

I hope that I still have a good number of you that enjoy reading my column every fortnight and for those of you that do, I must start with an apology.

For the first time in almost ten years I am going to be a little “political” to put right some of the things that are being written with a “twist” either in the letters page or indeed the Political Leaders columns.

The letter last week from Paul Bradshaw who said he was confused about the whole saga of the Lindhurst development; the whole ethos of “democracy” is that people should be able to disagree about issues but still have respect for one another, even though the tax payer picks up the “tab” through the Legal Aid system and through the Council’s defence.

Mr Bradshaw then makes reference to Cllr Martin Wright, supporting the campaign of the objectors when he is a member of the Independent Forum.

Cllr Wright and Cllr Steve Garner (another member of the Independent Forum) are doing what the people who elected them are telling them to do – THAT’S DEMOCRACY – Councillors are responsible to the electorate and not to a Political Party.

I feel that sure that Paul Bradshaw is not a supporter of the Party whip system and neither am I.

I continue to look outwardly to the people and not inwardly to a Party.

And to quote another writer last week - Karen Seymour who stated, “We need councillors who will defend the people they represent”.

So I hope that you accept my apology for that diversion.

And now back to a great story of success; I was privileged last week to meet Scott Marsh and his team at Respectful Care who operate their business out of Park Road Business Place in Mansfield Woodhouse. They started business only last year and have grown the team to twenty four members of staff and have relocated in the same building to a bigger unit.

They cover the length and breadth of the District providing personal care and support to the vulnerable and elderly.

I was impressed by the set up and the passion to deliver a first class service. I congratulate Scott and the team and wish them continued success.

The annual Easter Egg run organised by the Notts Fire Brigade saw a multitude of bikers set of from the Goose fair site in Nottingham to arrive into Mansfield’s Fire Station bringing their donations of Chocolate Eggs.

An amazing spectacle!

In 2012 over one thousand bikers joined the “convoy”. Well done to all who took part and a big thank you to them for the donations which will be distributed to disadvantaged children in the community.

It’s that time of the year when the Council is preparing to acknowledge the volunteers in our District, and need your help to make nominations for the Mansfield Volunteer Awards.

Throughout our District countless people make a difference to

the lives of others without any pay or indeed acknowledgement; some spend time organising and running groups, they help sustain social groups and improve the quality of lives of our citizens.

So please take time to make your nomination, to acknowledge the time and effort that they give to whatever causes are at the heart of their work and dedication.

Nomination forms are on line at or contact Sioned Dolan on 01623 463372 or Milly Olonso on 01623 463485. There are six awards up for grabs for those unsung heroes!

Still with the Council – you have until this Friday to have your say on the proposals for the Market – and you can still sign up to the Brown bin service for just £25 per year with the bins being emptied fortnightly from March to November and then monthly from December to February.

I would like to close this week with “Congratulations” to the children of Church Vale Primary School and The Carrs Friends Group in Warsop, who created a community orchard with the planting of fifty fruit trees.

And of course congrats to Coxy and the team after that great result against league leaders Rochdale!

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