Mayor pays tribute to Becky Adlington

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MANSFIELD mayor Tony Egginton has paid a glowing tribute to Becky Adlington following her retirement and said she was an inspiration to youngsters everywhere.

“She has not just been a great ambassador for Mansfield but for the whole county and across the UK,” he said.

“She is retiring from elite swimming, but we’ll be seeing more of her in Mansfield as she will be running her swimming scheme from the Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre.

“This will give youngsters who have seen her on television a chance to maybe learn from her in person and get some hands on coaching, so let’s hope we can see some champion Mansfield swimmers in the future.

“Becky will pay back one thousand-fold what she has taken out of the system and we all wish her the very best for the future.”

Mansfield MP Alan Meale put forward a motion in Parliament asking the house to salute the outstanding achievements of the former Brunts School pupil.

“Unlike many who taste the sweetness of success this fine young lady has always remained calm, collected and true to her roots in her native Mansfield,” he said.

“In particular, she has remained true to local swimming clubs and leagues, giving much of her other spare time to helping those much less fortunate than herself by various means.”

Lord (Sebastian) Coe, British Olympic Association chairman, paid his own tribute to Becky.

“Becky Adlington’s unforgettable success in Beijing inspired a generation to get in the pool and swim,” he said.

“Her down to earth personality and remarkable career achievements have made her a national treasure.

“Becky’s vision for the future of grass roots swimming in this country will create a wonderful legacy from one of our greatest Olympians.

“I have no doubt this vision will be pursued with the same drive, dedication and determination as Becky consistently displayed in the pool.”