Mayor agrees to take part in on-air debate to address claims of party political in-fighting

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Mansfield mayor Kate Allsop has agreed to take part in a debate to discuss the role of district councillors, following allegations of party political squabbling at the authority.

In a comment in this week’s Chad, content editor Andy Done-Johnson called on councillors to take the party politics out of local government, and instead focus on the needs of the people of Mansfield and Ashfield.

Andy wrote: “You lot, and by that I mean all the members of Mansfield and Ashfield District Councils, need to start thinking a lot less about point scoring, and a lot more about the communities you represent.

Hardly a day goes by when we are not ‘tipped off‘ about some political indiscretion or another . . . an anonymous source who can’t get off the phone quick enough, who won’t leave his/her name in case we want to check any facts.

We hear reports of ‘payback‘ and ‘double standards‘, bias and hypocrisy, which come through on a regular basis.

We have investigated numerous stories, only to find that they are merely a political ambush . . . aimed at using the Chad, exploiting the Chad even, to further one political point of view or another.

And usually - not all the time but usually - it is nothing more than tit-for-tat game playing and point scoring.”

Last night, the Chad and Mansfield 103.2 threw down to gauntlet to members of Mansfield District Council to take part in an on-air debate to discuss the issues raised by the Chad.

Mayor Allsop has now spoken to Mansfield 103.2 and agreed to take part. It is hoped that members of other political groups will also agree to participate.

Her comments can be heard on Mansfield 103.2 at 1pm today (October 29).