Maureen Lipman to view Mansfield primary school’s Holocaust film

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NEWS: News.

MAUREEN Lipman will be attending the premier of a Holocaust film produced by parents and students at Abbey Primary School in Mansfield to mark Holocaust Memorial Day on Monday (28th January).

The parents and children made the film after engaging in a collaborative initiative with the Holocaust Centre and Nottinghamshire County Council.

The event is being held at the Holocaust Centre in Laxton and will be attended by Maureen Lipman, the Headteachers of the four schools involved with the project along with Holocaust survivors Steven Mendelsson, Sue Pearson and Dorothy Fleming and Chief Superintendent Ak Kahn to name but a few.

During the event parents and children involved in the project will build a bridge and premier their film. They will talk about what they have learnt and of the need to speak out against racism, which embraces this year’s theme of Communities Together: Build a Bridge.

The initiative has involved the Holocaust Centre working in collaboration with four local schools – namely Abbey Primary School, Asquith Primary School, Mansfield Primary Academy and The Brunts Academy.

This has been a unique initiative that has seen the students learning about rights and responsibilities in school prior to visiting the Holocaust Centre with their parents.

The opportunity to visit and listen to a Holocaust survivor speak was so powerful for the parents and students of Abbey Primary School that they produced a film to capture their experiences and to explain how they have used these experiences back at school and in their local community to create a more inclusive and supportive environment in which to live.

James Griffiths, Director of Learning, said: “We wanted the learning experiences gained at the Holocaust Centre to continue beyond the gates of the centre and in to the local community. By producing an integrated learning package that involved the schools, students, parents.

“The Holocaust Centre and the local community we hope to make a real difference, which is to build a bridge and unite communities.’

“Helen Whitney, CEO of the Holocaust Centre, said ‘Holocaust Memorial Day in 2013 urges us all to work together in our communities to be more inclusive and to speak up against racism.

“It is only by building these bridges and relationships at a community level can we ever hope to respect and value differences in culture and background, and live in caring and positive communities.”