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SIX weeks of fun starts now! The kids are out of school and the money tree looks like its autumn? If you’re looking for a free game to give them something to do then look no more.

I have two free PC games for you and the first is DC Online.

In this Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game you can be your very own Batman, Joker or anything you can think of with over eight powers like fire, mind and sorcery. You can find something to help you save the world or destroy it!

The player vs player is very respectable to boot this is where you can play agents some of the best players in the game in a one v one or team v team.

It’s not a giant amount of playtime to get to level 30. This is where the game started for me at level 30, with lots to do with your team of superheroes from a 4 man team where you take on some great dc bosses, then to big groups to take down the games main enemy Brainiac!

To download dc online for PC go to and if you’ve got a ps3 you can get it free on the PlayStation network store too.

The next freebee is Star Trek Online, if you’re a huge treky or just like the show, this game’s for you!

In Star Trek online, the time frame is 2409 beyond even the latest movie so your experience will be brand new, and with so many ships and ranks to acquire there is lots to do.

In this game you get to fly your own enterprise, vovager or bird of prey On the federation side, up to 16 configurations is selectable. Furthermore, ship customization is a whole different story if you are playing as the Klingon with their own set of exclusive ships. Name your own ship and choose a registry number if you like.

The number of customize will blow any gamer away. Warp engines, deflector dishes, offensive beams or defensive shields.

50 levels to the end can look like an immense volume of play time till you get to do the cool stuff but if you can find a good fleet in the game to join you can find going through the star trek story very fun to do

This game has been out for a bit now, but with the new updates it is coming on leaps and bounds.

And as a free to pay game I think it’s one of the best out there.

Now to download just pop to Pc only

So don’t forget to look out for the U.S.S Robin Hood too...