Matthew Warnes Gaming Review: The Amazing Spider-man fails to live up to its name

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Greetings fellow gamers, and welcome to my first Chad review, where I will be looking at this week’s chart number one ... The Amazing Spider-man by Activision.

At first glance, Spider-man looks a very polished game. but underneath the red and blue my spidey senses were tingeing. just like the movie.

I have seen this all before in so many of the old Spider-man games, i just can’t help but find this one lacking depth and story. The B-list villains are a joke! as a fan of DC, I was hoping for a lot more.

So on to the game, it starts where the film left off so if you’ve not seen the film this can spoil it for you so beware.

The graphics in the game itself looks very good, however, when you do some ceiling hanging for the stealthy kills, the camera can be very problematic to see were you want to move.

As for the sound, I was a bit upset to find out that the film cast is not used. I find this a bit embarrassing for a film-based game when this summer the market is going to be flooded with movie games.

The game can be done in about 11 hours so not for the hardcore gamer and when its £39.99 you need some bang for your buck!

But all is not lost . . . just like a hero, this game pulls it back on the last act with that spider-man fun. It’s not a great game but it can make you feel to some degree super.

All in all not bad.

RATING: 3 out of 5