Marvellous Monday at Mansfield Museum

Mansfield Museum’s super summer continues to break records, with Monday 8th August seeing the largest number of visitors in living memory for any single day.

Well over 650 people came to sample the delights of the first Marvellous Monday Summer Holiday free activity day. This one featured Lego of every shape and size available on tables throughout the galleries.

Museum Development Officer, Jodie Henshaw, said: ‘Like so many other days in this summer holiday, this was a true family event. It was great to see dads sitting making models with kids – one man was there for over two hours!’

And there’s still lots of fun to be had every day of the holidays at the Museum. Other Marvellous Mondays planned include jigsaws and board games.

Then there are special events such as designing a pizza in a competition to see whose will be made up that very day at Pizza Hut. Not to mention the regular ArtBeat sessions, where you might find yourself making anything from a fruit ‘n’ veg name plaque to a chef’s hat.