Married couple open microbrewery in Kings Clipstone

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A HUSBAND and wife are raising a glass after coming up with a new business venture that could put their own village on the beer map.

David and Daryl Maguire have set up their own microbrewery in Kings Clipstone, and have recently completed their first experimental brew.

And it has proved a success already with the pubs around Nottinghamshire lucky enough to have secured a barrel or two selling out of the 3.8 per cent effort, Hop On’.

The couple, who are both 50, decided to make the move into brewing last year and were up and running by December.

Although he did not want to reveal the size of the investment at the Main Road brewery, David described it as a substantial sum’.

However, neither have given up their day jobs just yet, as David continues to run his interior designer business and Daryl is happy with her post round for Royal Mail.

Despite being members of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), starting up the microbrwery is not down to a profound devotion to the brewing process, more a serious money-making venture.

David describes it simply as a diversification’ and admits it is a step into the unknown - although they have the help of a brewing consultant to keep them on the right path.

David explained: “We are complete novices, we’ve started from scratch, but it’s going very well.

“It surprised me how hard it is - we did a brew on Sunday and it was a 14-hour day!

“CAMRA have been a big helping hand though, they’ve given us advice on brewing an marketing.”

Explaining the reasons for setting up, Daryl added: “It was David who suggested it, and I thought what a great idea’.

“We had this building and we weren’t sure what to do with it.

“I’m more of a bitter drinker than David anyway!

“It’s not a hobby, there a lot of money invested in this.”

David added: “There’s a market for it, which was one of the reasons (for setting up) and there’s nothing in the area like this.

“It fits in because Kings Clipstone has become a bit touristy. It’s not a labour of love- especially after working and then coming home to begin brewing!

“But we are ambitious about this and we have the drive, so we will look to expand.”

With their first 120 gallon brew selling out fast, they are hoping to get five or six new brews up and running in 2013, but are looking to keep Hop On’ as their flagship brew.

Pubs lucky enough to sample a batch of the new ‘Hop On’ flagship brew from the Kings Clipstone Brewery included the Black Swan and Royal Oak, both in Edwinstowe.

The Black Swan - who pride themselves on stocking real ales - got their hands on two barrels, both of which sold out within three days. They have put in an order for another two.

Bar staff worker Leah Wrobleski said: “It was very, very popular, people spoke about the citrusy taste sand how quickly it cleared.

“There’s not another brewery around here so I think people are intrigued.”