Market revamp is chosen

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A long-awaited decision over the future of Sutton Indoor Market has finally been arrived at.

After considering a lengthy investigation by real estate and retail market experts Ashfield District Council cabinet members have approved its recommendation to refurbish the existing one.

Market traders were told in September last year that two options were available - regenerating the current location or moving to a new purpose-built market hall on Fox Street.

Coun Cheryl Butler, leader of Ashfield District Council, said market traders had preferred to stay at the current location and minimise the disruption which moving would have caused.

She added: “The decision was based on what our traders wanted. This will involve a major facelift - again in consultation with out traders at all times.

“But we also need to ensure the new market is attracting younger shoppers.

“At the moment the demographic we attract to the market is an older one for the most part.

“By encouraging more stallholders around technology and food we hope to appeal to a younger age group as well.”

Coun Butler said plans would also include one to move market signage so it was closer to Specsavers and more visible to people knew to the area.

She added: “We want to do everything we can to make sure traders have the best trade possible.”

During the Ashfield District Council meeting in which the decision was made members noted that the refurbishment of the market hall had been supported widely, both by the traders and shoppers.

They also agreed that a more modern looking market hall would help attract younger and new customers.

But they also made it clear that a goal for the indoor market should be to attract a wider range of customers.

In order to achieve this goal the report proposed that a review of its management structure now take place.

Members agreed that renovating the current location was the best way to ensure the long-term sustainability of the market.

The work to complete the market revamp was expected to last 26 weeks but hoped not to disrupt major shopping periods.