Mark Spencer’s guest column: Sherwood MP Mark Spencer says Labour Councillors should fight for a better deal for Hucknall

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It is no secret that local Council budgets are being reduced and savings must be made.

This is due to the unrestricted levels of spending during the previous Labour administration which simply were not sustainable.

Spending excesses were at their most dangerous in Labour controlled areas like Ashfield.

It is evident that many Conservative councils continue to work more effectively than in Ashfield despite receiving less Government grants and having lower council tax.

This is purely and simply because they target and spend their money more effectively, with less waste.

In Ashfield it is also clear that Hucknall has for a long time been at the bottom of the list for grants and investments, but is now the first target for cuts.

Labour currently represent Hucknall’s interests to Ashfield District Council and they are ineffective at fighting for the best deal for residents, meaning that money goes to Kirkby and Sutton instead of here.

This Government has made supporting small shops and businesses a priority, in order to bring the current economic growth to our high streets.

We’ve cut taxes for small business, doubled levels of rate relief and halved the rental costs on shops that have been empty for too long. On top of that we’ve taken steps to stop over-zealous parking enforcement that costs the high street stores too many customers.

We’ve invested in new technologies and innovative British businesses with new ideas about the logistics and traffic management to modernise our shopping districts, whilst our Future High Streets Forum brings together academics, businesses and local leaders to discuss the way our town centres should develop.

In the coming months every household in Hucknall will receive my local newsletter, asking for your opinion on what should happen to Hucknall’s High Street.

Where should we focus our changes and investments? What route should we take to bring prosperity to the town centre? I want to hear opinions from all of Hucknall’s residents so that we can work towards a High Street booming with local businesses, where local people love to shop. We should all know and understand that ‘Government money’ is actually taxpayer’s money; our money, and it is vital that we spend it efficiently and effectively.