Marathon run for Freddie and Louie

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Losing a few toe-nails is a small price to pay after raising more than £10,000 for Battle Batten.

Hucknall’s Andrew Dawkins took part in the London Marathon on Sunday to help boost funds for research into Batten Disease which his own twin boys suffer with.

It is the second time the dad has taken on the task but this time it was a much more personal challenge.

“It was a very emotional day as I knew I was running for my own boys this year,” said Andrew who completed the run in three hours 56mins. “It was a fantastic day as the crowd were unbelievable.

“I had so many messages of support as well as donations that I knew I had to complete it as so much sponsorship was riding on it.”

Since launching the Battle Batten with Freddie and Louie campaign last week, thanks to the help of friend Suzy Jackson, the family have been inundated with support from well-wishers who have donated money to help fund vital research into the disease.

“The amount of support we have received has been overwhelming,” added Andrew who, together with his wife Sarah had to give up their jobs to become full-time carers for their eight year-old twins.

“It was a terrific day but very hot which I wasn’t expecting. My knees started to really hurt at one stage but I just kept thinking of my boys and that kept me going.

Sarah and Andrew’s dad were there to offer support on the day but despite seeing him off at the start point, failed to see him enroute.

“They went to various points but kept missing me. I think they ended up doing more running than me!”