Mansfield's Ryan bids to become TV hunk in trunks

When a TV star announced she was on the hunt for a hunk in trunks Mansfield's Ryan Butler stepped up to the challenge - when he was nominated by his mum.

Tuesday, 1st November 2016, 11:34 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 5:01 pm

Parading in his pants has become second nature for Ryan Butler as he bids to front up men’s underwear campaign for Debenhams.

The 26-year-old has reached the final three in a national search for a model for Lorraine’s Hot Pants.

Now he is asking Chad readers to support him in his bid for national exposure tomorrow morning (Wednesday November 2)

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On Wendesday the part time model will share the sofa with ITV breakfast time presenter Lorraine Kelly who is launching her own brand Lorraine’s Hotpants and introduce himself to the nation.

Ryan, a logistics and transport manager said he was a bit nervous but very confident about his chance to hit the modelling big time.

He said; “My mum Jo works at a school and at half term she was watching Lorraine and the Hotpant model subject came up.

“She said: “Hey why don’t you apply for it - so I did.

“I thought ‘I put on underwear every day’ - so it wouldn’t be a big deal.”

He sent off a photo and was amazed to find out he had been shortlisted.

Ryan said: “There were over 2,000 entrants and they narrowed it down to the final 80.

“I went to the final heats at Sheffield’s Meadowhall branch of Debenhams and we went on a catwalk and introduced ourselves.

“The judges picked the three finalists from the pictures.

“I’m off to London on Wednesday and I’ll be sitting on the sofa with Lorraine.”

Viewers will then vote on their favourite.

The winner will not only front a campaign shoot for Debenhams but they will also bag themselves a two-year modelling contract with Unsigned Management.

The voting will open and people will be able to vote by test, phone or online.

The result will be announced on Thursday.

Ryan says he has done a bit of modelling when he went travelling in the Philippines and Brazil, where he met his fiancé Lorena 26.

He said: “Lorena is really supportive and she has travelled to the heats with me.

“I never thought I was model material - you have to be sure of yourself. I now have that self confidence.”

Ryan works for Huthwaite decking manufacturers Eco-Deck and he says his workmates have had the ‘odd dig’ but are supporting him all the way.

The first two entrants had already appeared on the show on Monday and Tuesday. Ryan said; “I’ve just seen the second guy and he did really well. I’ll have to pull out all the stops - the pressure’s on now.”

Lorraine’s show is on weekdays on ITV, starting at 8.30am. You can follow Ryan on Facebook: rybutlermodel