Mansfield's Richard Bacon suffered from PTSD when revisiting a hospital where he almost died

Mansfield's Richard Bacon has said he experienced PTSD when revisiting a hospital where he almost died.

Monday, 19th November 2018, 8:57 am
Updated Monday, 19th November 2018, 9:59 am
Richard Bacon in hospital.

The former Blue Peter presenter was put into a medical coma for six days in Lewisham Hospital, after being taken ill on a flight from America to the UK in July.

The 42-year-old revisited the hospital to find out what role migration played in his care as part of an ITV.

However, he told The Sun when the cameras stopped rolling he felt "overwhelmed".

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He said: "I was standing on the ward looking at the equipment I was hooked up to, with wires coming out of everywhere. I felt PTSD on the ward that day, for sure.

"Memories were coming back to me of bleak moments and frightening moments, like when I came out of the coma and I was hallucinating and thoughts about what my wife, Rebecca, would have done if I died."

Richard, who lives in Los Angeles, was taken ill on the flight with suspected pneumonia and after his condition worsened he was put into a coma to allow his body to fight the infection.

Richard said after speaking to hospital staff: "They told me that they expected me to die, and my wife was expecting the call to come in to tell her - hearing a nurse actually say that to me was very emotional.

"I started to feel overwhelmed, claustrophobic and have a little bit of PTSD and I said: 'I have to stand outside.'"

Richard is set to go back again to the hospital to fundraise for them.