Mansfield's outline local plan is published - see sites for thousands of homes

Residents are being given their final say on Mansfield's Local Plan which outlines sites for thousands homes to be built over the next 15 years

Monday, 24th September 2018, 1:36 pm
Updated Monday, 24th September 2018, 2:37 pm
Mansfield District Council have issued a statement after a power cut at the civic centre.

The district’s new Local plan is reaching the final stages in its preparation and development.

The council is required to prepare a Local Plan for the district to guide future development for a period of at least 15 years. The Local Plan will ensure new homes, jobs and services are located in the most sustainable locations, along with the necessary infrastructure and facilities, whilst conserving and seeking to improve our most valued built and natural assets.

It sets out policies on development in the district until 2033 and identifies the Council’s approach to new housing and jobs, retail and leisure facilities, infrastructure and local services, climate change and the environment.

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There will be six weeks of formal public consultation after which Local Plan and all of the representations received in the consultation will be submitted to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, for examination.

Mansfield Mayor Kate Allsop, said: “I’m delighted that we have a Local Plan that addresses the needs of our community and sets out where, when and how the district will develop to 2033.

“Finalising the Plan has been a long process and one which has sought to deliver sustainable regeneration, increased housing across the district and provide opportunities for employment growth even in difficult times.

“The Local Plan for Mansfield will build on the strengths, character and opportunities of the district and at its heart has an ambitious vision for Mansfield as an attractive place to live, work and visit.

“Mansfield welcomes development in accordance with the plan’s policies. Of key importance is the need for new development to ‘raise the bar’ in quality of design and place making.

“The council recognises that it has a key role in delivering regeneration and growth in the district.

We will work with our community and key partners to help implement the Plan over the coming years.

“We are living in a time of significant social and economic change and the council will ensure that the Local Plan and its policies are continuously monitored and kept up to date to ensure that Mansfield’s future prosperity and quality of life are maintained and enhanced.”

The public will be asked to comment on how the Mansfield District Local Plan has been prepared; that its aims are achievable and that the plan is based on a robust evidence base.

Representations on the Local Plan Publication Draft can be sent in to the council until November 1 2018. All comments received will be considered by the planning inspector who examines the Local Plan. More information and guidance on making a representation can be found in the Statement of Representation Procedure Note, Statement of Fact Notice and ‘What is the Test of Soundness’ guide which are available online at

The council would prefer to receive any representations via its online consultation portal However, printed forms are available on request from the Planning Policy team by calling 01623 463195.


The council must deliver 6,500 homes between 2013-2033.

National planning policy guidance requires the council to seek to meet the full objectively assessed needs for market and affordable housing through the Local Plan.

It also requires that the council plans to deliver a mix of housing to meet the needs of current and future generations based on demographic trends and the special needs of specific parts of the community.

In doing so, development should offer a wide choice of high quality homes whilst broadening opportunities for home ownership, and creating sustainable, inclusive and mixed communities.

This section identifies and allocates a number of housing sites that will be developed to ensure that the housing target of 6,500 homes is met during the plan period (2013 to 2033).

An additional allowance is being provided to ensure that there is flexibility in case any of the sites expected to come forward do not for any reason with two mixed use strategic sites which will deliver an additional 1,725 homes.

The following sites have planning permission and are allocated for new homes:

Mansfield urban area

Site No. of homes

Former Mansfield Brewery (part B) 23

Former Mansfield General Hospital 54

Allotment site at Pump Hollow Road 64

Sandy Lane 63

Land at Windmill Lane (former nursery) 23

Land off Sherwood Oaks Close 46

Former Evans Halshaw site 66

Land to the rear of 28 High Oakham Hill 39

Kirkland Avenue Industrial Park 49

Land at High Oakham House 28

Former Mansfield Hosiery Mill Car Park 29

Land North of Skegby Lane 150

Penniment Farm 430

Land at the corner of Quarry Lane 21

Pleasley Hill Regeneration Area 152

Bath Mill 21

Land at Hermitage Lane 25

Land to the rear of 183 Clipstone Road West 12

Land to the rear of 66-70 Clipstone Road West 14

18 Burns Street 21

Park Hall Farm (SIte A) 140

Park Hall Farm (Site B) 10

Land at 7 Oxclose Lane 17

Former Mansfield Sand Co 107

20 Abbott Road 8

Berry Hill Lane 5

Former Miners Offices 18

The Ridge 43

Birchlands/Old Mill Lane 9

Former garage site Alexandra Avenue 7

Ashmead Chambers 8

Land off Portland Street (West) 31

10A Montague Street 8

Land adj 27, Redgate Street 7

Adj 188, Southwell Road East 7

52 Ratcliffe Gate 9

Yasmee 10

Land at Northfield House 6

Warsop Parish

Site No. of homes

Wood Lane, Church Warsop 31

Welbeck Farm 32

Moorfield Farm 25

Oak Garage 9

Elksley House 10


Enhancing the attraction and function of Mansfield town centre, and the district and local centres within the area, is fundamental to the delivery of the plan’s vision.

Mansfield town centre, in particular, faces significant challenges in responding to changes brought about through the increasing popularity of Internet based shopping.


The council is committed to supporting opportunities which assist with the long term re-skilling of the Mansfield workforce which is necessary to ensure the presence of a highly skilled labour pool to take advantage of new jobs across the district. The plan deals with enabling economic development, sites allocated as new employment areas, retaining land for employment uses, other industrial and business development and improving skills and economic inclusion.

The Local Plan will assist with the creation of new jobs through:

The allocation of land for employment uses that are accessible to proposed residential areas; the protection of key and general employment areas and the promotion of vacant plots within these sites for economic development

Suppporting sustainable new economic development outside of these areas;

Promoting town centre regeneration;

Encouraging employers to recruit locally and invest in training schemes to upskill their work force;

Supporting wider service sector jobs, especially education and health.

Ensuring the district, its workforce and physical environment is attractive to new and existing local businesses wishing to diversify and expand, and facilitating improvements to transport and telecommunications including broadband.

Sites allocated as new employment areas

1. The following sites are allocated and shown on the Policies Map for employment development (Business Use Classes B1, B2 and B8):

Ratcher Hill Quarry employment area

1. A 5.37ha extension to the Ratcher Hill Quarry Employment Area is allocated for employment uses with

access off Southwell Road,

Oakfield Lane, Market Warsop

1. A 2.2ha site adjacent to the recycling depot,

Oakfield Lane,

A 9ha site at Penniment Farm is allocated for employment uses and with direct access from the Mansfield and Ashfield Regeneration Route


Retaining land for employment uses: Key and general employment areas

1. Within the existing key or general employment areas (as shown on the Policies Map and listed below)

and allocated employment areas (as set out in Policy E2), development proposals will be supported

provided that the proposal falls within Use Class B1, B2 or B8:

Site ref Key / general employment areas

E3a Old Mill Lane Industrial Estate, Old Mill Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse

E3b Sherwood Oaks Business Park, Southwell Road West, Mansfield

E3c Millennium Business Park, Chesterfield Road North, Mansfield

E3d Oakfield Business Park, Hamilton Way, Mansfield

E3e Oak Tree Business Park, Oak Tree Lane, Mansfield

E3f Botany Commercial Park, Botany Avenue, Mansfield

E3g Broadway Industrial Estate, The Broadway, Mansfield

E3h Brunts Business Centre, Brunts Way, Mansfield

E3i Commercial Gate, Mansfield

E3j Crown Farm Industrial Estate, Crown Farm Way, Mansfield

E3k Mansfield Woodhouse Gateway, Off Grove Way, Mansfield Woodhouse

E3l Ransom Wood Business Park, Southwell Road West, Mansfield

E3m Bellamy Road Industrial Estate, Bellamy Road, Mansfield

E3n Intake Business Centre, Kirkland Avenue, Mansfield

E3o Hermitage Lane Industrial Estate, Hermitage Lane, Mansfield

E3p Maunside, Hermitage Lane, Mansfield

E3q Warsop Enterprise Centre, Burns Lane, Market Warsop

E3r The Hub, Sherwood Street, Market Warsop

E3s Ransom Wood Business Park, Southwell Road, Mansfield

E3t Ratcher Hill

E3u Bleak Hills

E3v Quarry Lane, Mansfield

E3w Victoria Street

E3x Pelham Street