Mansfield workers cycle 300 miles

Workers from Kent PHK Ltd returning from a Glasgow to Mansfield bike ride.
Workers from Kent PHK Ltd returning from a Glasgow to Mansfield bike ride.

Riders from a Mansfield company saddled up for a charity bike ride that took them 300 miles and across two countries.

Staff from Kent PHK Ltd, on Lower Oakham Road, chose to take on the mammoth challenge of raising £25,000 for good causes to mark the firm’s 25 years in business.

With such a large sum required, a test equal to it was required - and so they devised a plan to cycle between their Scotland branch near Glasgow, and Mansfield.

Taking four days, and covering an average of 75 miles a day, 17 employees of the electrical contracting and engineering firm attempted what they named the ‘Ek2M’ - East Kilbride to Mansfield.

But it proved so tough, some were forced to throw in the towel along the way, including firm director Ian Kent.

Their journey took them through Carlisle, Arnside, Huddersfield before arriving back in Mansfield to a warm welcome by friends, family and colleagues.

Ian said: “We started training in March but a lot of us had not been on bikes for years!

“It was very tough because of the hills we were climbing.

“Because of the route we had picked to include some picturesque views, like Kirkstone Pass in Cumbria, that’s what killed some of us!

“We were climbing thousands of feet in a day.

“The best part was the support and the people cheering us on and making donations, as well as the achievement each day of making it to the hotel.”

Ian said up to £8,000 has been raised, which will be topped up to £10,000. The money will be divided between John Eastwood Hospice and the Railway Children charity.

Following other fundraisers, up to £19,000 has been pulled in, and there are hopes that further events in the coming months can help them top the £25,000 mark.