Mansfield Woodhouse chip shop sign cooks up a row

NMAC11-3506-2''Mansfield Woodhouse, Gicho's Fish and Chips.
NMAC11-3506-2''Mansfield Woodhouse, Gicho's Fish and Chips.

A MANSFIELD Woodhouse chip shop boss says hundreds of locals are against council demands for him to tear down a £25,000 refurbishment.

Gicho’s Fish and Chips, on Vale Road, received a new illuminated sign, wall tiles and security lighting in March last year.

Owner Eudokios Georgiou said he did not realise he needed to apply for planning permission for the work - and was shocked when Mansfield District Council officers told him the shop was within a specially protected conservation area.

“I feel like we are being punished for trying to spend some money and improve the look of the area,” he said.

“It is going to affect our business because we are going to be less noticable.”

Mr Georgiou said Woodhouse residents had shown their support for the work by putting their name to a petition in support of keeping the new frontage.

“We have not heard one single complaint (about the sign) - only positive things - and more people are signing up all the time,” he said.

“They realise we are trying to do something good for the area.”

Mr Georgiou now faces a further £1,500 bill to reinstall a non-illuminated sign with the deadline for action looming later this month.

Phil Cook, building and development control manager at Mansfield District Council, said the sign was contrary to what the authority was trying to achieve in its historic town centres.

“The application for the sign was turned down because it is considered to be harmful to the special character and appearance of the building and the Mansfield Woodhouse Conservation Area.

“However, the business owner has a right to appeal should he wish to pursue that course of action.

“We would advise businesses to contact us before putting signs on the front of their premises and we can offer guidance on planning permission.”

Further information and guidance on all planning matters can be found on the council’s website at