Mansfield Woodhouse care home closed for financial reasons

Coun. Joyce Bosnjak outside the Meadows Care Home on Park Hall Road, Mansfield Woodhouse, which has recently shut.
Coun. Joyce Bosnjak outside the Meadows Care Home on Park Hall Road, Mansfield Woodhouse, which has recently shut.

A CARE home for people with learning difficulties has been closed because it wasn’t making money.

Shirebrook Meadows Care Home, in Park Hall Road, cared for about 12 residents and was run by the healthcare provider Cambian.

The home closed its doors on 1st August after giving Nottinghamshire County Council 60 days notice and residents just 28.

Councillor Joyce Bosnjak said it is a tragedy for some of the residents who had been at the home for more than 10 years.

She said: “It happened in a bit of a rush and the motivation behind the closure was purely financial - it wasn’t making enough money.

“The service users were deemed to be ‘low-key’. It was a business decision.

“It is a tragedy because here we have a well established home, people have been there a long time were settled and had made friendships, the service users were very happy but has been closed because it wasn’t making enough money.

“I think it is terrible that they can take away someone’s home simply because it wasn’t making money - that’s the private sector for you.”

A friend of a former resident, who did not want to be named, said: “This was a good friendly home. The local community were not informed. Why didn’t the residents get any help to stay local? This should have been their home for life.”

A Cambian spokesman said: “Cambian proactively closed The Meadows as it was not a core Cambian service, it was a residual service from Shirebrook Care and did not have on-going sustainability.

“The services required significant additional and on-going investment to ensure that we are able to provide the standard of care and safety Cambian expect.

“Closing and re-provision of The Meadows was the most appropriate way of ensuring that these changes could take place.

“Cambian worked with each resident agreed and facilitated a safe and timely move to an alternative care solution for each of them.

“We closely involved the resident’s independent advocates and whose report on the review of closure was complimentary to Cambian.

“All residents are well settled in their new homes, five now live together with one provider, one remains within an alternative Cambian service.

“We hope to reopen a refurbished service at The Meadows, and are currently considering several options.”