Mansfield woman racially-abused her neighbour

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A woman who racially abused her neighbour during a drunken argument was given 80 hours community service.

Jodie Smith (28) of Saville Street, Mansfield, also spat at two police officers as they tried to arrest her for being drunk and disorderly.

Mansfield magistrates were told that her neighbour at her previous address had heard shouting and a banging noise from next door on the evening of 4th June, and had gone to the house to see if everything was okay.

The front door to Smith’s house was open and a male began being abusive to the concerned neighbour.

The neighbour went back to his house and was followed by Smith, whom he said then headbutted his car.

It was reported Smith was slurring her speech and making racist remarks.

After the neighbour had called the police , Smith began swearing at them and arrested her for being drunk and disorderly.

As well as spitting, it was reported that she also kicked out at the police vehicle.

Smith admitted two counts of assault on the officers, criminal damage to the car, being drunk and disorderly on George Street, Mansfield, and using threatening words.

She denied a charge of racially-aggravated disorderly conduct, but was found guilty following an all-day trial.

Defending, Michael Little, said she was sorry for her actions and it was completely out of character.

She had since moved away from the street. A report by the probation service found that she ‘was unlikely to be seen in front of a court again’.

On top of the community service, she was fined £100, and told to pay £75 compensation to her ex-neighbour and £50 to each of the police officers.