Mansfield woman on Tattoo Fixers after relationship goes wrong

Left: Before. Right: After
Left: Before. Right: After

A fearless Mansfield woman has appeared on a Channel 4 TV show to get a large tattoo covered up after a previous relationship went wrong.

Jules Clarkson, 31, originally from Ladybrook, went on Tattoo Fixers to cover up the handprint of an ex-girlfriend which was inked on the back of her leg.

Jules Clarkson from Mansfield was on Channel 4 programme Tattoo Fixers

Jules Clarkson from Mansfield was on Channel 4 programme Tattoo Fixers

Jules, who has recently moved to Hertfordshire with her new girlfriend Donna, went through several stages in the application before ending up at the studio in Hackney, London.

She said: “I didn’t think I would actually get through

“But when I was there, I told the tattooist to do whatever he wanted... I’m only going to be there once so needed to just go for it.

“And when they revealed the drawings he just did it straight onto my leg in front of the camera.

“I trusted him because I know he is a good tattooist.”

But despite having the fearless front, Jules said she was slightly nervous about having the ink covered because it was “so big”.

The handprint, designed by tattoo artist Sketch, was transformed into a colourful skull with big eyes and a ‘death moth’ at the top.

“I love it,” Jules added. “It’s different and there’s a story behind it... it looks much better than it did before.

“And even my mum liked it, which I’m surprised about.”

Jules had the tattoo in her previous relationship, which ended more than four years ago.

“I thought I was being sensible at the time.

“You don’t think it is all going to go wrong and that you’re not going to be together anymore.

“Then I got into my new relationship and I just wanted a fresh start.”

The tattoo took around five hours to cover up, but Jules spent the full day at the studio because there was a lot more filming to be done.

“It was a very long day and what you don’t realise is that there are cameras absolutely everywhere.

“It’s a bit crazy really.”

The programme was aired for the first time last week, after it was initially filmed in January time.

This tattoo is one of eight belonging to Jules.

And even though there was a slight mishap with this one, she says she is still planning to have a few more in the future.