Mansfield volunteers on hand to help at New Year

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More than a third of men admitted to feeling lonely during Christmas and New Year but the Samaritans charity is here to help talk through problems or feelings of depression.

Mansfield volunteers Trevor and Hollie - who chose not to disclose their last names - volunteered over the festive period said: “We answer lots of calls and many of those are from men who feel like their family would be better off without them.

“That’s why it’s so important that Samaritans volunteers like me, are there for those men when they need to talk and anyone who needs us over this period.”

A spokeswoman for the charity said: “New Year is a difficult time as it can feel like another year and nothing has changed for many people. But we urge them to come and talk to us. There are people who care and want to listen and help.”

Contact 01623 422224 or visit the Samaritans on Grove Street, Mansfield, for help and advice.