Mansfield tv star Richard Bacon may have been phone hacked

MANSFIELD-BORN radio and TV presenter Richard Bacon has revealed that he may have been phone hacked by a private investigator at the News of the World.

Richard, presenter of the Afternoon Show on BBC 5Live, was contacted by The Metropolitan Police who informed him that his phone was called by Glenn Mulcaire on several occasions between 2006 and 2007.

The 35-year-old revealed the news via his twitter page and is the latest public figure to have been phone hacked alongside an estimated 4,000 other celebrities, including Hugh Grant and Sienna Miller.

His father Paul Bacon, a former solicitor in Mansfield for 40 years, said that he was unhappy that personal messages between family members may have been listened to.

“It is very troubling to think that matters that should be kept within the family may have been picked up on by someone else,” he said.

“As a family there are always messages which you want to remain private, it is very unsatisfactory.

“Sometimes Richard might ring to tell me about a new programme he’s been asked to present which he would want to keep under wraps and also the TV producers would want to keep it out of the public domain.

“Or he might ring to ask my advice on something, which he does from time to time.”

Richard is set to meet with police this week to find out the details of the phone calls.

“He’s meeting with officers who will be showing him the written evidence of the phone calls and the times so he can find out a little more,” added Paul.