Mansfield Town chairman flies 33 miles by chopper for a curry

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A popular Mansfield restaurant has taken a very urgent order from one hungry customer.

When Faz Choudhury, owner of The Mint Indian restaurant, took an order from Doncaster on Monday he said he thought it was a joke as it was so far outside his delivery area.

But the order was from the starving chairman of Mansfield Town John Radford and wife Caroline, who were so keen to buy a curry from the Clerkson Street takeaway they flew their private chopper to pick it up more than 33 miles away.

Mr Choudhury said in his 25 years in the business he has never received an order quite like it.

“I took the call and was flattered at the request but explained that it was a bit too far to deliver to Doncaster and thought they were joking.

“I was even more surprised when I was asked if we had anywhere to land a helicopter!”

“I did not want to disappoint John and Caroline Radford so asked if I could deliver it to Mansfield Town’s training ground.

“Myself and two of my staff delivered it to them 20 minutes after they ordered, it was quite an experience.”

Mr Choudhury added: “I am proud to provide Mr and Mrs Radford with award-winning Mint authentic Indian Cuisine. The Mint is a proud official sponsor of Mansfield Town FC and also supports the local community with various fund raising events for charity.”