Mansfield superheroes’ Total success

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Is it a bird, is it a plane...

Four Mansfield friends put on a superhuman performance recently to complete a punishing physical challenge.

Dressed as their favourite superheroes, Tony Meehan (41), Erica Meehan (34), Ady James (33) and Royston Barksby (37), completed the Total Warrior challenge in the Lake District, which consists of 30 obstacles over a gruelling 10-mile course.

Transforming into the Incredible Hulk, Superman, Spiderman and Batgirl, they were able to cross the finishing line in one piece despite inclement weather adding to their woes.

Calling themselves the ‘Super Warriors’, they chose to compete as their favourite comic book heroes to raise awareness and cash for the Community First Responders -local volunteers who assist in medical emergencies.

And their choice of attire appeared to give them the strength to get through the course, which included strength-sapping hills, freezing water, mud, fire and even electric shocks.

Erica said: “It actually went really well even though it was very hard work.

“The costumes, in some respects, helped us because it made it more fun.

“The costumes were very muddy when we finished but surprisingly none were ripped - I even crossed the finishing line with my eye make-up on!

“It was so cold, it was not just the water and mud, but because it was the side of a mountain there was rain and hail. It made a lot harder than we expected it to be.

“My husband has done the Tough Mudder Challenge before but said this was a lot harder.”

The group will tally up their fundraising efforts and hand over the money to the Mansfield Community First Responders at the end of the month.

Anyone still wanting to donate has until 31st August, and can drop money off at Body & Soul gym on Leeming Street.

Responders react to emergency calls in their community and aim to reach casualties before an ambulance arrives to offer assistance and reassurance.

They carry life-saving equipment including a defibrillator that can help save a heart attack patient’s life.