Mansfield SOS planning protest against council cuts

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A campaign group has hit out at Nottinghamshire County Council over its plans to make £154 million worth of cuts to jobs and services over the next three years.

Mansfield Save Our Services (SOS) has been particularly scathing of the ‘Budget Challenge’ consultation process, running until January 2014, describing it as a sham.

A spokesperson for Mansfield SOS said: “As a group we are appalled at the eye-watering level of cuts this council is seeking to inflict on the people of Nottinghamshire, some of whom are barely coping now.

“One case of extreme hardship I heard of recently was from a local café owner who said that some people were knocking on her door at the end of each day, asking her if she had any scraps of food left that they could take home to feed their families.

“This is truly shocking and shameful. The county council should be investing in jobs and services to help struggling families, not cutting them.

“The cuts appear to affect all departments.

“We think that most of the choices people are being asked to make on the ‘consultation’ cards are likely to be ill-informed.

“Every funding cut, every privatisation, every job loss is an attack on ordinary people’s living standards.”

She added: “We in Mansfield Save Our Services say to Nottinghamshire County Council that it must stand up to central government, not do its dirty work.

“It should set a needs budget, and use reserves and responsible borrowing powers to make up the shortfall in funding, while building a mass campaign against this brutal, ideological austerity.

The banks and the powerful that created the mess we are in must pay, not ordinary people.”

Mansfield Save Our Services will be taking part in the nationwide ‘Day of Resistance, Civil Disobedience and Protest’ supported by the People’s Assembly, UK Uncut and many unions on 5th November.

There will be a mass disposal of ‘consultation’ cards on Tuesday, 5th November in the Market Square in Mansfield at 6pm.

The cards are available at Mansfield Library and any council premises.

They should be marked with a cross and the words ‘NO CUTS’ in large letters.

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