Mansfield shoppers out in hundreds for Black Friday bargains

Black Friday shopping.
Black Friday shopping.

Hundreds of Mansfield bargain hunters braved the crowded shops in the hopes of snapping up a steal on Black Friday.

There have been fights and brawls in some parts of the country - but shoppers in the Four Seasons were much more well mannered.

Shopper Steven Thompson (27), of Mansfield, said he was out for some bargains.

He said: “I’m after an Xbox One so hopefully will get some cheap stuff. The shops are so busy today. It’s crazy.”

On the event that made its way across the pond from USA - which holds the popular sales day after Thanksgiving, Steven added: “America is bigger and better so hopefully there will be some deals over here.”

He is originally from London and said things were much less chaotic here.

Neil Wass (31), also from Mansfield also had his eye on a few electrical bargains.

He said: “There are some good deals on laptops and tvs. So it’s a good idea and we are enjoying the discounts.”