Mansfield shopper fined for parking outside white lines - even though bay was blocked by a drainpipe

Joe Grant in the parking space
Joe Grant in the parking space

A Mansfield shopper was ‘furious’ to find he had received a parking ticket after a pipe meant he couldn’t fit in the space so his car was over the white bay lines.

Joe Grant, 22, from Mansfield, was visiting the Four Seasons Shopping Centre, with his dad.

Joe said: “I parked in a bay which had a pipe inside it. Therefore I had to go over the white lines in the left bay to actually exit my vehicle.

“When I returned to my vehicle I shouted one of the council traffic wardens over for him to explain why I had a ticket and he simply said he did not process the ticket but its because my car was over the white lines.

“No wonder people will not shop in Mansfield anymore and how the council in charge can actually sell these off as bays is beyond me.

“Getting this ticket for the reason stated has made me feel furious, frustrated and disgusted in the system.

“I doubt I am the first and definitely won’t be the last person that this will happen to however even if this ticket does not get revoked for whatever reason I am looking to raise awareness to other motorists and local shoppers that this is what could happen.

“I have now realised why Mansfield town centre is like a ghost town compared to a few years back because you basically get fines and penalties for virtually anything, as proven.”

“If the ticket is not revoked I will be taking this as far as I possibly can. If I broke the parking rules and regulations on purpose fair play to them.

“Furthermore I will be contacting the council to get these bays removed that have pipework in them as they are inefficient and are useless.

“To me a parking space is a parking space and you should be able to use the full width of them.”

Julie Snowdon, town centre manager, said: “Parking outside the white lines of a parking bay is a parking contravention and people who do this are at risk of being issued with a ticket.

“There is an appeals procedure if people feel they have been treated unfairly which is printed on the back of the ticket.

“They can also find out more about the appeals process on the Nottinghamshire County Council website and can upload evidence to support their appeal.”