Mansfield salutes nine courageous children

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NINE inspiring young people from across the area were honoured yesterday at Mansfield Rotary Club’s annual Courage Awards.

This was the 21st year of the awards, celebrating the achievements of local students who have managed to reach their goals despite exceptional circumstances.

Proud parents and teachers gathered at Mansfield’s Civic Centre for the ceremony to toast the courageous youngsters - Sam Wilson, Peter Bostock, Brandon Marriott, Owen Clements, Amy Lester, Tia Jackson, Loiza Loizias, Jordan Unwil and Gemma Hornby -and were joined by special guest speaker Simon Weston.

The Army veteran was badly burned in the Falklands War when his ship, the Sir Galahad, was destroyed with him on board.

Since then, the Welsh Guardsman’s courageous struggle to overcome his injuries has made him a national hero, regularly appearing on TV and radio and as a motivational speaker.

Addressing the ceremony, Mr Weston said: “When you come into life you have not committed to anything other than wanting to be alive - it is the spirit, courage and determination to go on despite all of the knocks and setbacks that matters.”

The nominees were presented with a certificate and a silver plaque and had their photo taken with Mr Weston and other dignitaries after a dinner.

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