Mansfield’s World Cup hopes still flying high

Mansfield fans soaked up the atmosphere at the Swan on Saturday night.
Mansfield fans soaked up the atmosphere at the Swan on Saturday night.

England’s 2-1 defeat to Italy may have disappointed fans who watched the Manaus game on Saturday night.

But publicans in Mansfield were upbeat about England’s chances, with some reporting a boom in trade while other blamed the late kick-off time of 11pm for a relatively quiet night.

And Chad readers got in touch with us via Facebook to share their reactions to the match.

Kevin Brown, manager of the Swan on Church Street, reported around 2,000 people over the course of the evening.

He said: “It was mega! We’re having an outdoor screen for all the England matches. We had to book it back in September - it’s quite expensive but it’s well worth it.

“We had a couple of misdemeanours but generally it was a brilliant atmosphere and people behaved themselves. The result was disappointing - so you can’t have it all. But I think we can get through to the next round!”

John Previll, manager of the Stag and Pheasant on Clumber Street, said: “We were pretty much full - we have got a 14 ft screen. The town itself didn’t do brilliantly because of the late kick-off. I am guessing there wasn’t the usual level of trade. Next Thursday will be busy as it’s a more acceptable time.

“The 5pm kick-off will see a lot of people finishing work and going straight to the pub. It all depends if England win their next game. If they don’t Mansfield will be empty. But they have a chance. England played really well - they just didn’t get the result.”

Gemma Hall, manager of the Widow Frost on Leeming Street, said: “It was a really good night - there was no bother at all. But it was nowhere near as busy as anticipated.

“I think people chose to drink locally rather than come into the town centre. We are hoping that the next matches will bring a bit more business in.”

There were premature celebrations when a shot from Raheem Sterling appeared to score only three minutes into the game – but the ball only hit the side netting.

Chad reader Jenny Jane Kearns watched the match at the Sunnydale Inn and had a ‘brill’ night.

She said: “Losing was disappointing but I’m still thinking positive. We need to be behind them all the way rather than saying ‘he were useless’ and ‘he was this that.’ Fingers crossed all the way!”

Glen Page said: “That Sterling shot was in according to the fans at the pub I watched.”

Matt Wibb said: “Played well to be fair. Italy just got that goal in front. I think we’re pretty much out now sadly.”

Steve Flint said: “No chance were going out. Best England performance in years. Good on them for showing a bit of heart.”

Hannah Morwenna Lavery said: “I feel asleep before it started! That’s my reaction to the World Cup - except for watching Brazil play, I do love the Hulk!”

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