Mansfield's Tour of Britain stage to cost council £50K

Last year's Tour of Britain stage.
Last year's Tour of Britain stage.

Mansfield District Council are to spend £50,000 on the UK’s biggest free spectator event of the year.

Mansfield District Council are set to spend up to £50,000 to host the Stage Seven finish of the Tour of Britain 2018.

The stage will be finishing in the town centre on September 8.

The tour started in Mansfield last year for stage four of the race - bringing in £189,867 to the district.

Helen Sisson, marketing and communications manager at the council put the cost to Councillor Roger Sutcliffe, Portfolio Holder for Finance on Tuesday, May 22.

He made a delegated decision to pass the costs.

In a report she wrote: “The event will put Mansfield on the map again in 2018 and in the spotlight as a host venue.

“A direct contribution of £25,000 is required as financial support to the Tour of Britain and an additional amount of £25,000 is required for event-welcoming.

“The council will be seeking additional sponsorship locally to support the event costs and keep the council budget requirement to a minimum.”

The money will “be found from existing budgets”.

It also stated that there would be no consultation on the costs.

The only other option given to not paying the money was to withdraw from hosting the event which attracted an estimated 25,000 people into the district to watch.

Councillor Roger Sutcliffe, Portfolio Holder for Finance said: “After successfully hosting the Stage 4 start last year, the Tour of Britain team asked if Mansfield would consider a stage finish.

“We are proud to be hosting the tour again in 2018, bringing elite sport to Mansfield demonstrates to the world that Mansfield is a welcoming place to visit. The £50k council contribution will generate a significant return for Mansfield. Last year the estimated income was four times the investment – and that was for hosting a stage start, a finish will be much more. This year we could see eight times the return on investment.

"Let’s all get together and celebrate this unique opportunity to showcase Mansfield.”