Mansfield’s Queen Elizabeth’s School becomes an academy

The Queen Elizabeth’s School, one of the oldest in the country, reached another historic milestone this week when it officially became a new academy.

Just six months after celebrating its 450th anniversary with a comprehensive programme of special events that were attended by former pupils coming from many parts of the world, the school has become Queen Elizabeth’s Academy.

And according to John Carter, who has been appointed chairman of the academy governors, it offers an exciting new future to students. The Academy will continue to be supported by the Queen Elizabeth’s Trust, of which Mr Carter remains as chairman.

He said: “School Partnership Trust Academies, led by Sir Paul Edwards, has a proven track record of improving secondary education and everyone connected with Queen Elizabeth’s School is delighted to be entering into a partnership with Sir Paul and his team.

“We’ve been around the country over the past two years, researching all possible options for the school, and have turned down a number of organisations that would happily have taken it on.

“We were very impressed when we met with SPTA and the way we have worked together to meet a very tight deadline for converting to an Academy confirms our feeling that we can forge a very effective partnership.

“SPTA has its own school improvement model and has proved that it works. We believe it will work for QE and the extremely positive feedback we’ve had from a recent parents’ evening, when SPTA outlined its vision for the future, confirmed that parents feel the same way.”

Mr Carter added: “The New Year provides a fresh start for everyone with the launch of Queen Elizabeth’s Academy and I think people - especially the students and staff - will very quickly notice the difference.”

Significantly, the intention is to make changes to the curriculum in September so that it has greater appeal and relevance to a wider student audience. Together with specialisms adopted by the new Academy, it will be specifically designed to ensure that students are thoroughly prepared for the workplace.

Sir Paul Edwards, Chief Executive of SPTA, has been delighted with the many positive responses welcoming his vision and plans for the new academy he has received from parents, staff and pupils. He said “This is the start of a strong partnership that will benefit the children and families of Queen Elizabeth’s Academy for many years to come,”