Mansfield residents voice concerns over travellers

HOUSEHOLDERS near Mansfield’s Moor Lane Park have voiced their concern over the appearance of 14 travellers’ caravans on the field last week.

They say the area has quickly become over-run with dogs and is being used as a lavatory with toilet paper scattered around.

Jennifer Hyatt (24), of Victoria Street, said she saw police at the park on Thursday at about 10.30 pm.

“I feel sorry for them in a way because the have nowhere to go,” she said. “But I do not agree with them being on a public park - where are the kids supposed to play?

“If it was just some random waste land that would be fine. We have had them here before but never this many and they are spread all over the park.

Bernard Crocker (65), also of Victoria Street, said: “The rugby players use the field and the kids play on it but not anymore. Why should I pay rates and they pay nothing? There are a number of sites around Nottingham where they can go and park. Why should they park in our recreation areas?”

Another resident of the street, who also asked not to be named, said: “I have been to the playground with my daughters and it is absolutely disgusting.

“They should have their own land somewhere provided by the council because this field is used by children.”

Spiders Patrick, a spokesman at the travellers’ site, said: “What can we do? They have closed down the sites in the area. We are here until they make us a site. We want some toilet facilities, too.”

A Mansfield District Council spokesman said the authority was aware travellers had moved onto the park and officers had visited the site to carry out assessments.

“We will be monitoring the site and if the travellers do not move on their own accord within the next few days we will look to pursue necessary legal action,” she added.