Mansfield residents to get letters as they may lose vote

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Mansfield residents are being warned by the council about a voting registration letter due to end up on their doorsteps soon.

Mansfield District Council’s electoral registration officer has sent out letters to a number of residents asking them to re-register to vote, as they could be taken off the register because of new laws.

The government have brought forward the ‘individual electoral registration’ system, from December 2016 to December 2015, which means people need to register to vote individually.

If people do not register, their names will be taken off the list - meaning people could get to the polling booth and not be able to vote in the next elections.

The majority of residents won’t need to take action but if you receive a letter, the council are urging for a response by November 20 to make sure people are on the register.

Bev Smith, interim chief operating officer and electoral registration officer at the council, said: “This decision means I have had to write to a small percentage of residents across the district asking them to re-register.

“So far we’ve already written to these people on three separate occasions requesting that they re-register under the new Individual Electoral Registration system.

“To date, we’ve not had a response to these requests. I urge those who have not already done so, to re-register.”

To register, visit the website at or complete the form that has been sent to you.

Call 01623 463345 if you need help or information.