Mansfield residents say they 'avoid' traffic chaos junction after councillor sets up petition

A60 Nottingham Road
A60 Nottingham Road

Mansfield residents say they avoid a busy junction A60 Nottingham Road because the traffic there is "horrendous".

A petition has been set up calling for a review into traffic jams which have been causing chaos close to Sainsbury’s and McDonalds at busy times by Councillor Stewart Rickersey.

Donna Louise Beastall said: "This junction is beyond ridiculous. I avoid it whenever possible. Only braving it once a week to go shopping."

Commenting on Facebook Kelly Flude said the junction is "horrendous" while Chris Rogers said the road layout needs updating.

He said: "I avoid this side of town now. It's just not worth going to the area. They should never have allowed all those businesses and cinema on such a small road. It needs serious upgrades."

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However Nick Martin said the problem stemmed from the phasing of the traffic lights rather than the amount of vehicles entering the retail park.

"It's the traffic lights. Ever since putting new lights in this has happened, it never did before," he said. "It just needs the sequencing putting back to how it was. Both ways moving the same time, then the filter to turn. It's not hard."

Local resident Chris Kenzie said: "I live off Baums Lane and can never understand putting so many food outlets in one place and of course bingo and cinema so people turn out on mass. Now B&M is there I can't even get off the street on Saturdays."

Many people called for traffic calming measures to be put in place.

Em Caddy said: "That junction needs a serious revamp and a good look at for improvements. There is too much traffic that are either visiting the supermarkets or the cinema or the food outlets and the shops it's ridiculous, getting out off B&M turning right is a no no. We find it easier and better to turn left out of that junction. Please please make it better..."

Emily North suggested the county council should create another entrance and exit for motorists.

She said: "A second exit out of Sainbury's further up the road would help ease the flow onto the inadequate roundabout at McDonald's/bingo. There are far too many traffic lights between dunelm and the cinema, the sequencing is shocking. Also the right turn into sainburys is not long enough."