Mansfield residents plea for council help to clear druggies from their doorstep

RESIDENTS on a Mansfield housing estate say the council is ignoring pleas to replace the entrance door to their block of flats - seven weeks after it was ripped off by vandals.

Council tenants at flats on Bilborough Road claim drug addicts are sleeping in the block’s stairwell which houses families and pensioners.

One resident, a care worker at King’s Mill Hospital who has asked not to be named, has made several complaints to Mansfield District Council but has been told that the problem is not a priority.

“The council removed the damaged door but they have not replaced it even though there are vulnerable people living here,” she said.

“I work nights a lot and haven’t been able to get any sleep because I am so worried about it, children are having to step over these people in the morning - it won’t be long before someone gets their door kicked in or worse.”

A second resident, who only wishes to be known as Pat, says she is afraid of going out after finding a man asleep outside her front door.

“They leave beer cans and fag butts on the floor and I’ve had to nail my storage shed shut because a I found a drug addict living in it,” she said.

“We would feel more secure if the council fitted a new door which could lock shut but they say it is not a priority.”

Hayley Barsby, head of housing at Mansfield District Council, said: “It is extremely unfortunate that the main entry door to the flats has been damaged to the extent that it has had to be removed; this damage was caused by a resident of the flats who is being charged for the replacement.

“The council responded immediately to the repair but, due to the nature of the damage, a new door has had to be ordered and is being made by the manufacturers.

“We expect to be able to install the new door at the beginning of September.”