Mansfield residents fed of former Pyramid Products site

FED UP householders living near the former Pyramid Products site on Mansfield’s Victoria Street have voiced their continuing concerns about the state of the former caravan supplies outlet.

The eyesore has been left empty since a fire gutted the building in 2004 — leading to the site being left derelict.

Following calls to clean up the site last year as part of Chad’s Sort it Out campaign, workers arrived at the trouble spot and began work clearing the area.

But Victoria Street resident Harvey Hunt (73) said nothing had really changed since then.

“It is a dump,” he said. “There are settees and old tyres and people are just using it to dump rubbish.

“When they demolished the part that burned down they crushed up all the bricks into rubble but all they have done is just pile it all up.”

Another resident said: “Every time you walk up all you can see is rubble.

“It is seven years since the fire. There were some plans to do some clearing up but it has made no difference whatsoever to the site.

“We want them to come and tidy it up and make it a better area for us to live in.”

Ward councillor Brian Lohan said the eyesore was preventing investment in the area.

“People walking up Victoria Street see rubble and fly-tipping,” he said.

“The site owners have shifted a lot but the fly-tipping is the problem.

“We have granted them planning permission for 48 houses but I just wish they would get moving.”

A Mansfield District Council spokesman said planning permission was granted in November 2010 for a mixed use development on the former Pyramid Products site.

She added: “We hope that this development comes forward, as it will help to enhance the appearance of the area.

“In the meantime we will continue to monitor the site with a view to taking appropriate action.”

Philip Haywood, who owns the land, said he would have sold the land by now if it wasn’t for the condition that it is to be mixed residential and industrial use.

If the council asked him to tidy it up, he said he would be happy to do it.

He declined to comment further in a second conversation.