Mansfield renewal: Market key to revival

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In response to the interesting two page reply by Mansfield Districts Council’s Head of Regeneration Mike Robinson on town centre renewal - unfortunately he and others still seem not able to get it.

I say this because nowhere in his, the Mayor’s, Cllr Kate Allsop’s nor Sarah Nelson from the BID, their contributions say the magic word - i.e. ‘market’ which any revival of the area is dependent upon. Perhaps they think it is secondary?

I nor local traders don’t think so. Putting aside the hype - I well understand that a new office and a shop have opened on Queen Street. Its grass roof having now joined the many other closed venues and over 1000,000 sq ft of empty shop and office space currently owned by the Council in the town centre. The fact that it is as yet un-let and apparently hasn’t even been given a rental rate charge for prospective users, says it all.

My report simply states the obvious and represents the views of residents, traders and consumers. Whom must be listened to give any hope to the future.

Instead of ‘hitting back’ as described in their response, they should talk to, listen and from doing so then figure out a positive way forward.

Sir Alan Meale MP