Mansfield post office branch set for shopping mall move

Mansfield post office, Church Street.
Mansfield post office, Church Street.

Mansfield’s main post office could be moved to a shop in the town centre as part of restructuring plans.

The Church Street branch, which is classed as a central hub – a Crown post office – could soon move to WHSmith on West Gate.

A public consultation has now been launched to gauge opinion.

In a letter to Mansfield District Council, Post Office said: “The move is part of our ongoing modernisation of the network and will allow us to maintain a Crown post office in Mansfield while providing a new modern branch for our customers.

“We believe the WHS mith store will provide an excellent host location.”

The plans are for an existing ground-floor area at the rear of the Four Seasons Shopping Centre shop to be converted, with bosses saying there is “adequate space” for the development.

This will include five counters, the same number in use at the current location.

Post Office said existing staff would transfer to the new branch and the opening hours would remain the same.

Roger Gale, general manager of the Post Office Crown Network, said: “We are making sure we take the right course of action to sustain services for years to come.

“We must adapt to the changing needs of our customers, who want a convenient and flexible choice of when and how they do business with us – whether that is face to face or on the web.”

Meanwhile, discussions are also ongoing about relocating a war memorial in the existing branch

Post Office said it understands the importance of the memorial, which is dedicated to those who fell in battle who worked for the service, and any move will be done with “care and sensitivity”.

The public consultation, ends on Wednesday, November 16, before a final decision is made on the proposal.

It is proposed the branch would move in March 2017.

n To have a say on the plans, visit, email or call 03457 223344.