Mansfield parking signs stolen - again.

Missing parking signs on Terrace Road, Mansfield.
Missing parking signs on Terrace Road, Mansfield.

Residents-only parking signs have been stolen from a Mansfield street for the ‘eighth’ time.

As previously reported in Chad, signs in Terrace Road were stolen then replaced a few weeks ago causing workers from Thackeray Dental Care to get parking tickets.

A resident living on the street has now contacted us claiming the signs been stolen for what he says is the eighth time.

The man, who did not want to be named, said: “How do you think us residents feel who pay £25 a year to park outside our own house while anyone can park at the bottom end of the street because someone removes four no parking signs every time they go up.

“The council can’t find an answer other than to keep replacing the signs.”

Peter Goode, Nottinghamshire County Council’s traffic manager, said: “The theft of the signs has been reported.

“In the meantime people are reminded that parking is restricted to residents only. We will look at what anti-vandal measures we can include when replacing the signs.”