Mansfield NHS worker to star on Blind Date in fabulous gender-fluid style

Stefan Howarth, aged 27
Stefan Howarth, aged 27

An NHS admin worker who has a sideline as a promising fashion journalist has a gender-fluid approach to fashion.

Stefan Howarth, aged 27, works in admin at Kirkby Primary Care Centre by day and as a fashion journalist and blogger by night.

Stefan Howarth, aged 27

Stefan Howarth, aged 27

Stefan built up confidence and friendships, though fashion blogging, and will soon feature on Paul O'Grady's latest series of Blind Date.

The Channel 5 show will be aired on Sunday, April 7 at 8pm, and Stefan will feature in a preview ahead of his episode in a few weeks' time.

"I've always enjoyed fashion, even though my friends and family weren't really interested." said Stefan.

"I used social media to find friendships when my blogging kicked off."

Stefan Howarth, aged 27

Stefan Howarth, aged 27

Stefan's love for fashion started at four years old, when he would not leave a shop without a particular pink umbrella, which his dad ended up buying.

"I always used to look at well put together middle aged women, and wanted to be that person that looked good.

"I've been on nights out in Mansfield wearing heels I've never had any nasty remarks, only good feedback.

"I was into Primark and would buy something for £5 and take it home and make it into something different."
Stefan has covered London Fashion Week for fashion magazine Sacrebleu! for nine seasons after the editor contacted him on his Instagram account ,which has almost 8,000 followers.

"Fashion Week is like my Christmas" he added.

"I call everyone my fashion family, and we all meet up, see the collections and then write about them.

"Fashion is about pushing the boundaries."

Although Stefan was nervous before the filming of Blind Date, he was soon put at ease my host Paul O'Grady's professionalism.

"It was really fun, although I didn't realise how nervous I'd be.

"I saw Paul O'Grady backstage after filming, and commented on what a pro he is - everyone seemed to flow with him. When we finished filming we had a picture together and a little gossip back stage."

landing his job as a seasonal journalist for Sacrebleu! through his Instagram account which has almost 8,000 followers.

Glamorous Stefan has advice for anyone looking to build their confidence through fashion.

"It's about being true to yourself. Reach for what you want and don't let anyone's opinion hold you back, and you will go places."

You can see Stefan's Instagram account here: @HOWSTE

And his blog here: