Mansfield Museum to host new Jonathan Annable and Emma Gladwin art exhibition

A NEW exhibition which explores the works of Artist’s Jonathan Annable and Emma Gladwin is to go on show at Mansfield Museum.

Both have been working professionally for the last 17 years and have had their work displayed in numerous national and international exhibitions and private collections.

Their work, which will be on show between 14th January and 25th February, takes inspiration is from the human form and microbiology.

Jonathan Annable has started a new series of painting looking at woodland, water, natural landscapes, creatures and their relationship to man.

New works and sketches from two years work are on display here in contrast to the large body abstracts that have started to evolve into more natural formed works.

‘Going Out’ is a new series and will take many years to complete, the body abstract series of works took over 15 years to complete. So look out in the future for more exciting paintings and sketches by Jonathan Annable.

Emma Gladwin is also inspired by nature and natural forms for her ceramics, jewellery and felt works. She is the perfect compliment to Jonathan art and has exhibited with her husband on numerous exhibitions. She will be developing new works inspired by the going out theme over the next few years. Looking at making both sculptural and functional art works.