Mansfield MP welcomes extra Government money to help the homeless

Ben Bradley MP
Ben Bradley MP

It was fantastic to see the announcement this week of an additional £450,000 for Nottinghamshire to support homeless people off the street, writes Ben Bradley MP.

It’s aimed at providing accommodation, and is a great example of some of the good work that’s happening that is so often unnoticed amongst all of the Brexit coverage.

Since I was elected one of my key promises to people in Mansfield and Warsop has been that I will focus on homelessness, improving support for vulnerable people in Mansfield.

Whilst I obviously do not run the council and it is that which is responsible for direct delivery of these services, I have been able to secure new funding and to get local service providers together to support the coordination of all the different groups we have locally.

Last year an additional £250,000 was given to Mansfield for homelessness support, along with new legislation to improve the help that is available.

Now, the Government has announced what is almost another half-a-million for this area.

I’ve consistently brought together local providers like Framework and Nottingham Community Housing Association to share ideas, and to help coordinate local voluntary services.

I’ve pushed back against other councils from other parts of the county who have felt that they can ‘offload’ homeless people from their areas and send them to Mansfield, which is unfair and inappropriate, as well as obviously raising our issues in Parliament like strengthen-ing the laws around mamba and spice to improve things in the town centre.

It’s great to see Government continuing to offer more support, and I’ll carry on pressing our case on this issue.

There should be nobody sleeping on the streets in 21st century Britain and helping those most in need should be a key priority.

Equally, if we are to make the most of Mansfield’s potential we need to ensure that our town is welcoming, vibrant and attractive for visitors.

Both are hugely important issues for me over the coming months and years.