Mansfield MP taking on first ever 10k challenge to support mental health charity

Ben Bradley MP
Ben Bradley MP

In a few short weeks’ time I’m going to be running the Mansfield 10k on behalf of the Central Notts branch of MIND, the mental health charity, writes Ben Bradley MP.

I’ve never run a 10k race before so it’s quite a challenge (in fact until last week I’d never run one in practice either so I’m really starting from scratch),).

But it’s a genuinely fantastic local cause and something that is particularly important to Mansfield.

MIND as a national charity have a commitment to ensuring that every single person who has a mental health problem or concern gets support or treatment.

I’m sure we’re all aware of the increasing challenge that mental health poses to so many people and problems seem to be more and more prevalent.

In Mansfield in particular, we face a greater challenge than many other areas of the country when it comes to the number of people with mental health problems.

Locally, I’ve been to visit the team at Central Notts MIND, and seen their offices and venue on St John Street, where they provide all sorts of services from social support, stress and anxiety to dementia care, counselling, peer support and a whole range of other services.

They’re always on the lookout for volunteers too and you can find out more at

Many of us will know people, or have relatives, who are challenged by depression, or dementia, or anxiety – a whole range of challenges that need your support, as well as specialist support from groups like MIND.

I hope we can raise some much needed cash to help.

I’m in training, trying to get a little less fat, so I can post a decent time in the 10k, and I hope we can raise a good sum of money for MIND too.

With your help we could really make a difference locally.

If you’re willing to support this local charity and to support mental health services for people in Mansfield, have a look at my website at and simply click the link to donate.

Thank you.