Mansfield MP says he will do what he thinks is right for town on Brexit

Ben Bradley MP
Ben Bradley MP

With the political scene having been so dominated by Brexit in recent weeks we’ve seen clearly the levels of feeling and different opinions on the big decisions involved, writes Ben Bradley MP.

The vast majority of people who have written to me on this subject tell me that they want a clean break from Europe at the end of all this.

Not everyone said that, in fact some said precisely the opposite such is the nature of the issue, but that’s been the clear majority opinion as you would expect from a constituency that voted 71 per cent to leave in 2016.

What has been absolutely clear to me s that there is no stance I could take on Brexit that would keep everyone happy.

When constituents write to me to say ‘you must represent MY view on this’, sometimes have to write back and say ‘I’m sorry but I can’t’.

All I can do is to weigh up the evidence in front of me in the briefings and the documents, listen to the views of constituents, and then make up my own mind.

The truth is that whether I had supported the Brexit deal or rejected it, voted ‘confidence’ in the Prime Minister or ‘no confidence’, either way there would be huge numbers of people that disagree with me.

One way or another, and throughout this Brexit process which is so confrontational and divisive, I have two main hopes for the future.

The first is that we can see a way through to delivering a form of Brexit that fulfils the result of the referendum, whether that is a deal that truly gives us the freedom and control we asked for or it’s leaving on World Trade Terms.

The second is that throughout this unique and difficult process local people with give me the benefit of the doubt.

This is not about winning elections or boosting my career, it’s about doing what I think is right.

My goal is to deliver a Brexit that works for Mansfield.

Please feel free to contact my office with your views or questions.