Mansfield MP says Britain should not be afraid of a ‘no deal’ Brexit

It is obviously a hugely important few weeks in politics and as I wrote this on Monday morning, heading down to Westminster I can only predict where we will be by the time you read it, writes Ben Bradley MP.

The events of this week are of course historic, but perhaps the more telling part will be next Monday when the Prime Minister has to tell us what comes next.

Ben Bradley MP

Ben Bradley MP

It seems clear at the time of my writing that the Withdrawal Agreement will not be supported by a majority of MPs.

In fact some in the media have predicted it will fail by a majority of more than 200.

I’m not sure if it will be as high as that, and there are all sorts of changes and amendments that could make that number smaller, but it seems a reasonable assumption to say that it will not succeed.

Labour have suggested that if this happens they might bring forward a vote of ‘no confidence’ in the Government.

This has been their aim for a long time of course, to try and force an election.

If they decided to go ahead with this (which is not guaranteed as they have said it before and not done it), then it is likely to take place on Wednesday.

At the minute it would seem Government is likely to win that vote, and whilst it would be a big moment, if Labour do not win it would change very little.

The Prime Minister has until next Monday to decide what she does next and can choose from a variety of options.

My personal view is that a second referendum would be absolutely unacceptable, and that we have nothing at all to fear from leaving the EU on World Trade Terms.

Many like to call that ‘no deal’ but in reality it would be hundreds of deals and transitional arrangements put in place to make it as smooth as possible, and we would then have absolute control over our future.

You’ll have to forgive me if what I have written here turns out to be totally different by the time it’s printed, but keep an eye on my Facebook page for daily updates where I’ll also share more information about the options on the table.

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