MANSFIELD: MP’s 50 ways to boost town

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Mansfield’s MP Sir Alan Meale has launched a call to arms to revitalise the town centre - here is his a 50-point blueprint to boost vital trade. What do YOU think?

Empty shops and landlords:

Spend money printing streetscapes to disguise empty shops on helping struggling or new businesses

Create disincentives to landlords who leave shops vacant - Set up ‘swap-shops’, ‘pop-up galleries’ or creative ventures in empty shops

Remove empty property rate relief

Local businesses and the market:

Provide loans and grants from council reserves for small business start-ups

Prioritise food store development

Tighten planning rules to prevent the town being saturated with charity shops

Cut market stall rent and develop an ‘open’ licence system for stallholders

Create a timetable of specialist and themed markets throughout the year

Open market stalls to promote local services such as allotments

Social environment and street scene:

Improve attractiveness of Market Square along Stockwell Gate and West Gate

Create a children’s play area and creche in the Market Square

Create a cafe culture by expanding outdoor seating and opening hours and encouraging busking, street art etc.

Bring the Town Hall back into use as civic centre and move council offices back to town hall

Regenerate local landmarks such as the Co-op building

Transport and parking:

Introduce free or cheap parking such as allowing an hour free in certain car parks so shoppers can nip into town

Explore a voucher scheme where shoppers can get free parking for spending money in businesses

Develop cycling parks around town centre

Repopulation of town centre:

Develop sites around town centre into a housing area

Encourage quality design to create new owned or private rented homes in the centre of town

Create a funding pot to provide grants for conversion of space over shops


Do you have any other ideas to help boost trade in the town? Let us know.