Mansfield MP can’t wait for Britain to start tasting freedom of Brexit

Back to work and the new year is off and running, writes Ben Bradley MP.

The coming weeks will be pretty intense down in London as Brexit plans need to come together quickly.

Ben Bradley MP

Ben Bradley MP

The vote on the Prime Minister’s deal will take place on January 14 and how she responds to the outcome of that vote will dictate the way forward.

I for one am looking forward to getting beyond March 29 and being a free and independent nation, and moving on to talk about the things that matter here in the UK.

On a local level, there’s local elections in May and I feel that a real shake up is needed at Mansfield Council if the town is to drive forward in the future.

I’m continuing to push on town centre plans and put pressure on local partners to get a proper proposal together.

We’ll get the details in the next few months of how Mansfield can access money for the £675 million Future High Streets Fund, and the council needs to make sure Mansfield gets its share to support regeneration.

I’ve been working on a number of projects that I hope will take further steps in 2019, including improvements to the A60.

I met with the county council to review options for the junction at Sainsbury’s and one of my first jobs this year is to seek the Government funding and support for these changes to reduce to pile up.

In Warsop, train companies will have to put together a formal business case for the Robin Hood Line extension in 2019, which will be a huge step forward in the campaign to extend and re-open the line.

Berry Hill Park is in a much better place with the council having taken on the maintenance.

Over the coming weeks and months I hope that a formal handover will take place with the council as the trustees, to secure the long-term future of the park.

As you can see there’s lots to be done, much more aside from these few I’ve listed, and I’m optimistic for the future.

I hope you’re ready for a fantastic 2019.