Mansfield mayor Tony Egginton pays tribute to Coun Derek Evans

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Mansfield District Council has paid tribute to Councillor Derek Evans, who passed away on Tuesday.

Councillor Evans, aged 70, was the first member elected to represent the single member ward of Netherfield in Warsop.

He served on mayor Tony Egginton’s cabinet as the Portfolio Holder for Housing Strategy and Regeneration and was Deputy Leader of the Independent Forum.

He was also a member of the Council’s Joint Consultative, Licensing, Personnel and Planning Committees.

Mayor Tony Egginton said: “Derek worked tirelessly for his electorate and was a true community champion. He has set the standard for anyone who is thinking about becoming a councillor.

“It has been a delight to have had such a hard working individual as a member of my Cabinet. He will be sorely missed in Warsop and indeed at the Civic Centre.

“I would also like to thank Derek’s wife, Christine, who worked alongside him in the community, for all her hard work and support.”

A Mansfield District Council spokesman said: “During his term of election, Councillor Evans worked tirelessly, around-the-clock for his constituents and supported a number of community projects for local schools, play schemes and independent living organisations.

“He was committed to projects which helped increase the provision of social housing across the District, including the Extra Care scheme at Brownlow Road and Pleasley Hill development, and increasing support for disabled people.

“He recently approved changes to the Disabled Facilities Grant policy, which enabled more disabled people to access grants to pay for adaptations to help them live independently.

Born in 1943, Councillor Evans was brought up in Birmingham.

He moved with work to Hinckley in Leicestershire, where he met and married Christine in 1978.

Having no children of their own, the couple sponsored children in the Far East.

Coun Evans began his political career in his 20s, when he was first elected as councillor for Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, where he served three terms in office.

He was Chairman of the Housing Committee and Mayor of the Borough from 1982-83.

Most of his working life was spent in sales and marketing, mainly in the brewing industry.

He stepped down from local politics to pursue his career at Mansfield Brewery as General Manager of the wines and spirits department.

After his retirement, and with time once again on his hands, he returned to local politics at Mansfield District Council.

He was also a Warsop Parish councillor and Governor at Eastlands Junior and Hetts Lane Infant and Nursery schools.

The spokesman for Mansfield District Council added: “Coun Evans was passionate about working in the community and housing.

“He preferred to talk to people face-to-face rather than hide behind technology and did not let red tape and bureaucracy get in the way of him fulfilling his role.”

Details of his funeral are expected to be announced next week.