Mansfield Market Place’s landmark water feature up and running again

.        The fountains on Mansfield Market now working
. The fountains on Mansfield Market now working

A LANDMARK water feature in Mansfield’s Market Place is up and running again after being out of action all summer.

The fountains in front of the Town Hall suffered damage last winter because of the heavy snow and freezing conditions in December and January.

But on Monday, workmen from Mansfield District Council were busy finishing repairs to the popular fountain which will now be switched on every day until October.

Mansfield BID manager Sarah Newton, who hosted an ‘I Love Mansfield’ event in the Market Place on Thursday, said that the fountain brings more footfall to the area.

“The fountain is a real focal point of the Market Place and attracts and lot of people to Mansfield,” she said.

“It also creates a family orientated atmosphere and Mansield BID are very supportive of it.”

Mansfield Woodhouse resident Kathy Warwick said she was pleased that the fountain was working again.

“It’s pretty to look at and it will be nice when the kids can have a splash around in it again on hot sunny days,” she said.

Resident Michael Deans said: “I love the design of the fountain and it’s always been very popular.

“It’s a shame that it’s not been working for so long but it adds real character to the centre of Mansfield.”

Craig Bonar, head of regeneration at Mansfield District Council, confirmed that repairs to the fountain had cost £4,000.

“The fountain was shut down and drained in October last year after it had worked throughout the previous summer,” he said.

“When it came to switching the fountain back in May, we found that there were problems with the pumps that had occurred due to the heavy snow and winter conditions.

“We hired a local contractor to carry out the repairs and the fountain is now operational.”

Mansfield District Council say that the fountain will now be running every day until October, from 10am-4pm.