Mansfield man who poured irritant over woman's head is jailed

A 30-year-old Mansfield man who drove at a woman with a moped and then poured irritant over her head has been sentenced to 15 months in prison.

William Richardson, of Garratt Avenue in Mansfield, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and assault at Nottingham Crown Court yesterday (Wednesday, November 28) where he was subsequently sentenced.

William Richardson

William Richardson

Richardson had attacked the woman, as she walked along the high Street in Mansfield Woodhouse. The liquid went in her eyes and mouth and she was taken to Kings Mill Hospital.

Luckily she suffered no lasting injuries, and the liquid seemed to have been more of an irritant.

Detective Constable Neil Allsop said "We don't know what Richardson was trying to achieve when he attacked this woman in this way. He offered no explanation or reasoning during interview. What happened is completely unacceptable behaviour. We're glad that he's now behind bars and hope that the woman can move forward with life."