Mansfield man looks incredible after he lost 13 stone... then had skin flaps surgically removed

You've heard of a facelift, but a Mansfield man had one of the first full '˜body lift' operations to be carried out in the UK and transformed his life in the process, thanks to your Chad.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 10th May 2018, 12:44 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th May 2018, 12:46 pm
Jordan Martinez.
Jordan Martinez.

Jordan Martinez put out an SOS after he lost a remarkable 13 stones in 18 months - half his body weight - but found he was plagued by unsightly flaps of skin he had to tuck into his jeans.

His appeal for funding for his surgery that featured on our front page a year ago . But it was spotted by an eminent plastic surgeon who teamed up with a world leading expert to offer their services for free.

Now after an operation that took a team of six surgeons working all at the same time four hours to complete, Jordan has the trim athletic figure he was aiming for .

Jordan Martinez

His amazing transformation was featured on ITV this week on Davina McCall’s This Time Next Year’.

Jordan, 21 said: “I was always the fat kid that people made fun of at school.”

Thins got worse and his weight peaked at 25 stones - which meant that at 5ft 7 in he had a BMI of 50. Any BMI above 25 is consdered overweight.

Jordan said his ‘wake-up call’ came when he visited his GP for a check-up and was told if he did not lose weight he was unlikely to live to 30.

Jordan Martinez.

The message hit hom and just eighteen months later, he weighed 12 stones 2lb and hs waist size shrank from 56 inches to 32.

However, that was not the end of the tale. Because of his former bulk there was so much spare skin that a mere diet cannot shift that he was left with huge folds of excess flab. So much was left over it had to be tucked into his jeans.

On visiting a doctor about the side effect, Jordan was told the NHS would not fund an operation and he would have to go private.

Soon realising the huge cost, jordan approached the Chad in May 2017 so he could appeal through us for donations to a fund that would transform his life.

He decided to have a full body lift, which meant taking out strips of skin from his abdomen and backside and then raising his nipples.

He was contacted by surgeon Graham Perks who told him the good news that a team of top surgeons would waive their fees, leaving him with just £6,000 to find for the hospital fees.

He had the procedure at the private BMI Healthcare at Park Hospital in Arnold.

Jordan said: “I can’t speak any higher of the surgeons . I think it was the first full body lift in the UK.”

“The worst pain I had was like having a tattoo done - I would go through it all again no problem.”

He said: “This has been a bit of a mad journey - it has definitely changed my life.

“I can do things I couldn’t do before- it is amazing. I feel completely different.”

Now he is determined to become a personal trainer.

He said; “I feel I can inspire people - I want to give something back.”

Graham Perks, a consultant at University Hospitals in Nottingham, told how he was in contact with leading Brazilian surgeon Carlos Roxo who happened to be in the UK lecturing on his speciality of reconstructive surgery.

Mr Perks said: “Carlos said he would be prepared to work with us as a team for free. We thought Jordan was a deserving case.

“He lost all the weight himself and did not cost the NHS a penny.

“It was an amazing opportunity to bring this pioneering work to the East Midlands.”

A total of six surgeons agreed to offer their services for free to operate on Jordan in a pioneering four-and-a-half hour procedure on his thighs tummy buttocks and chest all at once.

He said; “He’s done amazingly well . Jordan is one of those people in life if you could bottle what he has it would be life- enhancing for countless people.”

Jordan is still fundraising to pay back the £6,000 hospital fee. You can help him here: